What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is a pattern of abusive behaviors used by one individual to exert power over another individual in the context of an intimate or family relationship. It can be physical, emotional, and/or sexual.

To keep control, abusers will use:
  • Intimidation – looks/gestures, smashing things, displaying weapons, etc.
  • Emotional Abuse - name calling, guilt, mind games, humiliation, put downs.
  • Isolation – limits, contact with friends & family, and outside involvement.
  • Economic Abuse – not allowed to get/keep a job, no access to family income, must ask for money.
  • Threats – violence, suicide if you leave, will report you to social services.
  • Sympathy – will say they are sorry, they love you, it will never happen again. Abuser might even buy a gift.

Remember To

                                       STAND UP FOR CHILDREN!   
                  A child is a mirror: what you see is a reflection of what you have shown.
                  A child is an echo: what you will hear back is what you have said.
                  A child is a piece of paper: every passerby can leave an impression.
                  A child is a future: the potential is endless and the outcome can be amazing.
                  A child is a gift: and something this precious deserves to be protected!

Don't Go It Alone - There Is Help!

24 Hour Hotlines and Other Resources:

VA Family Violence & Sexual Assault 1-800-838-8238
YWCA Shelter 804-796-3006
James House – DV/Sexual Assault Intervention Prevention 804-458-2840
District 19/Crisis Intervention 804-862-8000
Colonial Heights Police 911
Colonial Heights Police Non-Emergency 804-520-9300
Victim Witness Program – Laure Hahn, Director 804-520-9258
Commonwealth's Attorney 804-520-9293
Child Protective Services 804-748-1100
Central Virginia Legal Aid 804-862-1100
Magistrate 804-748-1410
Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court Service Unit 804-520-9355

Join the Domestic Violence Task Force

If you are interested in learning more about the Colonial Heights Juvenile & Domestic Violence Task Force, please call the Office on Youth & Human Services at (804) 520-9286.