The Engineering Division of Public Works is responsible for the following basic services:
  • Provides engineering expertise and advice to all the City Departments and the School System.
  • Manages design and construction of all Capital Improvement Projects - including buildings, potable water distribution facilities, former landfill, recreation facilities, roads/streets, drainage systems, sanitary sewer facilities, and traffic signals.
  • Reviews all subdivision developments regulated by Chapter 250 of the City Code, Subdivision of Land, and commercial development plans regulated by Chapter 286 of the City Code, Zoning, Article I-B, City of Colonial Heights Plan of Development Regulations.
  • Updates City maps and maintains records of all City buildings, water, sewer, street reconstruction, etc. projects.
  • Maintains records of all public easements, right of ways, water and sewer books, subdivision plat files, and recent tax maps.
  • Maintains City's signs, signals, and pavement markings.