Career Personnel

The Fire Department consists of six divisions: Administration, Operations, Prevention, Emergency Communications, Training, and Emergency Management. The Department is comprised of 45 full-time employees, 1 Communications Coordinator, 16 Telecommunicators, 5 part-time employees, 18 volunteers. Major facilities include 2 fire stations, a “mayday firefighter down” simulator, an emergency operations center, and an E-911 communications center.

C Shift- Station 1[43405]

Here is “C” Shift- Station 1

From left to right: Lieutenant Chris Pond, Firefighter Danielle Hannuksela, Firefighter Alan Dodd, Firefighter Eli Harrison, and Firefighter Willie Wright. During all hours of the day and night, these guys and gal are the ones who are responding to fire and medical calls here in the city for our community.

Full Time Personnel
Fire Chief 1
Deputy Fire Chief 1
Battalion Chief 3
E-911 Coordinator 1
Lieutenant (Operations) 6
Lieutenant (Training) 1
Deputy Fire Marshal 1
E-911 Shift Supervisor 4
Firefighter/Paramedic 8
Firefighter/Intermediate 11
Firefighter/EMT 12
E-911 Telecommunicator 12
Administrative Assistant 1
Part Time Personnel
PT Firefighter/Paramedic 3
PT Administrative Assistant 2