Drug Court Program

About the Drug Court Program

Colonial Heights participates in the Drug Court program operated through Chesterfield Circuit Court. The program lasts at least 18 months and typically requires a longer period for successful completion. It is an intensive program that achieves positive results for motivated drug abusers.

Eligibility and Terms

Drug abusers charged with a non-violent felony and who have never been convicted of a violent crime or drug distribution may be eligible to participate. The charge need not be a drug violation. If the person successfully completes the program, the charge or charges will be dismissed. However, failure to successfully complete the program will result in a felony conviction and at least six months in jail, and possibly more. This is true even where the sentencing guidelines may have called for probation without incarceration. Also, violating conditions of the program will lead to sanctions that may include incarceration before being terminated as unsuccessful.

Because the program is administered through Chesterfield, an applicant must have transportation. Admission into the program is strictly voluntary and requires the approval of the Commonwealth's Attorney.