Parade/Block Party Permits

Parade or Demonstration Permit Application

City code (Chapter 213) requires a permit to be issued for a parade or demonstration in the City of Colonial Heights.  A fee of five dollars ($5) is required to defray the administrative cost of processing the permit. (Parades and demonstrations of five or fewer persons do not require a permit).

Block Party Permit

The Code of Virginia (§ 15.1-14, paragraph 9) requires a permit to be issued to close a City roadway for the purpose of a block party. 

  1. The block of roadway requested to be closed shall have:
    • Barricades, secured from the City, positioned in such a manner that blocks all vehicular traffic, and that indicate ROAD CLOSED.
    • All barricades removed immediately upon termination of the event to allow vehicular traffic onto the affected roadway. 
  2. There are to be no alcoholic beverages consumed in public during this event as such would be in violation of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws of Virginia.