About the Sheriff

The City of Colonial Heights Sheriff is a Constitutional Officer of the Commonwealth elected by city voters every four years.


The primary functions of the Sheriff’s Office are:
  • Providing courthouse and courtroom security
  • Serving court orders from all three courts and subpoenas from outside jurisdictions
  • Making arrests at the courthouse on outstanding warrants
  • Providing custody, control, and transportation of prisoners or inmates entrusted to the Sheriff’s custody or that have been arrested by the Colonial Heights Police Department
Group photo sheriff Office 2020

Law Enforcement

The Sheriff and his deputies are sworn law enforcement officers able to enforce state traffic code and effecting criminal arrests. Deputy Sheriffs routinely provide assistance to the Colonial Heights Police Department by providing additional personnel during major incidents, inclement weather, or when additional personnel can help expedite a successful resolution while protecting lives and property.


Funding in support of Sheriff’s Office operations derives from:
  • City’s General Fund
  • Court fees
  • Donations
  • Grant funds
  • State Compensation Board