Does the Sheriff authorize any alternative sentencing programs?
Work Release and Weekend Confinement are the only two alternative programs currently approved by the Colonial Heights Sheriff’s Office. Home Incarceration or Electronic Monitoring is NOT offered by the Sheriff’s Office at this time.

Individuals wishing to participate in Work Release must have a sentence of 12 months or less and have verifiable employment or be currently enrolled as a full time student. Participants are subject to random drug and/or alcohol screening and must meet all required rules set forth by Riverside Regional Jail policy.

Individuals wishing to serve their sentence on weekends must have received a sentence of 60 days or less. If you were convicted of a felony, you are NOT eligible for weekends. Any person convicted of a crime of violence, resisting arrest or any crime which reasonably threatens the public safety will not be eligible to participate in any alternative sentencing.

Home Incarceration is available for unique situations, on a case by case basis and must meet the eligibility requirements of the Sheriff as well as Riverside Regional Jail.

For additional information contact: Colonial Heights Sheriff’s Office at (804) 520-9352 or Riverside Regional Jail at (804) 524-6600.

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