Do you offer parenting classes?

For parents of teens, we offer "Active Parenting of Teens." Contact the Office on Youth at (804) 520-9286 to learn more.

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1. How do I report suspected abuse of a child?
2. Do you offer parenting classes?
3. Do you offer tutoring programs for children with academic problems?
4. Where can I get help with a truant child?
5. Are teens required to have a work permit?
6. Where can I receive help as a victim of domestic violence?
7. Where can I get information or assistance for teen pregnancy?
8. Where can I find information on counseling for my child in Colonial Heights?
9. How do I obtain custody or get needed child support?
10. How do I apply for the WIC program or food stamps?
11. Where can I get information about the local school system in Colonial Heights?
12. Are there summer youth programs offered in Colonial Heights?
13. How do I join the Youth Advisory Council (YAC)?
14. Is there a curfew for youth in Colonial Heights?
15. How can I find information on area day care services or before/after school care?
16. How do I obtain information on places to stay and needed services relating to homelessness?
17. How do I get my child involved in the Kids' Achieving Progress Afterschool Program?