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Posted on: December 30, 2020

Public Notice: Residential Rehabilitation Program




The City of Colonial Heights allows partial exemption from real estate taxes (tax relief) for qualifying Residential structures that have been rehabilitated or renovated pursuant to the requirements of Chapter 258, Taxation §§258-16.11 – 258-16.17. For those properties that qualify, the initial increase in real estate taxes caused by approved rehabilitation or renovation will be abated for ten (10) years. For full information, including the provisions for qualifying for this partial tax exemption, see City Code §258-16.11 through 258.16.17, or call the real estate Assessor’s Office at (804) 520-9272 for information. A summary of requirements and criteria to qualify for this exemption is set forth below:

  • Requirements to Classify a Structure as Rehabilitated or Renovated and for Partial Exemption
  • Single Family Residential Structure:
  • Shall be no less than twenty-five (25) years old.
  • Shall be improved so as to increase assessed (base) value of structure no less than ten percent (10%).
  • The rehabilitated/renovated structure may exceed the square footage of the original structure by no more than 100%.

Prior to commencement of rehabilitation and after making application for a building permit for rehabilitation of the subject structure, a non-refundable fee of $125.00, along with a completed application for this program must be filed with the City Assessor’s Office. The City Assessor shall provide the owner with written documentation explaining the program.

General Rules:

  • No improvements made upon previously vacant land shall be eligible.
  • No property shall be eligible unless appropriate building permits have been acquired, and application for such made simultaneously with filing the application for exemption with the real estate assessor.
  • Rehabilitated or renovated structure must meet zoning requirements.
  • Real estate taxes must be current; properties with real estate taxes in arrears will not be eligible.
  • Failure to pay each real estate tax installment of the nonexempt amount of the property’s real estate taxes by the installment’s due date shall, pursuant to §258-116.15, result in the irrevocable cancellation of any approved partial tax exemption.

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