Fire Dept Requirements for New Construction

International Fire CoBuilding Constructionde

The Fire Department is using the current edition of the International Fire Code (IFC) Appendixes Reference Fire-Flow Requirements for Buildings, Fire Hydrant Locations and Distribution, and Fire Apparatus Access Roads for all designs and site plans.

Fire Hydrants and Flow Requirements

The IFC Fire-Flow Requirements shall be calculated and submitted on the site plan for approval.

Fire Hydrant Locations and Distribution shall be submitted on the site plan as well. A fire hydrant that would obstruct a major roadway, such as the Boulevard, does not count as one of the required hydrants. The fire department also requires a separate and dedicated hydrant within 50 feet of any Fire Department Connection.


All fire department hose connections must be Colonial Heights / Petersburg threads.

Fire Lines, Sprinkler Control Valves, and Fire Department connections must meet the FIR-3 section of the City of Colonial Heights Water and Sewer Specifications and Procedures through the Engineering Department, (804-520-9336). The fire department connection must be installed in accordance with the IFC. The fire department requires “FDC” signage at all fire department connections. This sign shall be reflective blue background with white reflective lettering and shall be designed in accordance with the IFC. All site testing must be in accordance with NFPA and conducted through the Engineering Department’s Construction Inspector (804-524-8739).

Flow Tests

All fire hydrants are requested to be flow tested and identified in accordance with NFPA:

  • Class AA 1500 GPM or greater - light blue
  • Class A 1000 - 1499 GPM – green
  • Class B 500 - 999 GPM – orange
  • Class C less than 500 - red

Access Roads

Fire Apparatus Access Roads shall be designed and maintained in accordance with the IFC. The Fire Department requires a turn radius of 42 feet inside and 60 foot outside. The fire access roads shall have above grade signs and curbing painted yellow. All signs shall be designed in accordance with the IFC. Signs shall be perpendicular to traffic and placed every 50 to 60 feet.