Purpose of YAC

YAC is a leadership organization for teens in grades 6-12. YAC works with members of City Council and the Youth Services Commission to identify, address, and resolve issues that affect teens. Our overall goal is to instill a sense of pride in and around Colonial Heights and encourage responsible citizenship.


Teens interested in membership are encouraged to apply. Download the Y.A.C. Application or visit the Office on Youth in City Hall. For more information, please call 520-9289. Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:30pm in Council Chambers at City Hall. Contact Office on Youth for more information at 804-520-9286.

2022-2023 Youth Advisory Council

  • President - 

    Andrew Davenport
  • 1st Vice President -

    Carson Young
  • 2nd Vice President - 

     Parker Hanshew 
  • Secretary -

     Kendall Ackerman
  • Historian -  Jenna Ackerman

  • YSC Representative - 

    Andrew Davenport/Carson Young

  • Paris Baldwin               Giovanni Saldago           
  • Ryan Ayi-Bamah         Kherington Geist
  • Emma Hanshew         Hudson Young
  • Diego Velez-Ortiz        Ben Taft
  • Anna Ramos                 Kiera Smith