How can I dispose of household items that won't fit in my trash cans?

BULK WASTE COLLECTION SERVICE: Please call Central Virginia Waste Management Authority's Collection Hotline at (804)340-0900 or visit to process a Bulk Waste collection. Bulk Waste items include furniture, water heaters, appliances, and any other bagged household waste that cannot fit in your trash cart. The amount of bulk waste must be able to fit in the bed of a regular sized pickup truck. Bulk Waste service requests must be processed by 2:00pm on the Tuesday before regularly scheduled trash collection. There is no additional charge for this service. 

Appliances that contain Freon (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners) require special handling. You must pay a $10 fee for the safe removal of the Freon prior to pickup. Submit your fee to the City of Colonial Heights Billing and Collections Office. Put the receipt in a zip top bag and place it inside the appliance on the day of collection.

Collection of large amounts of bulky material (or more than would fit into a pickup truck) must be arranged in advance. A fee may be charged. Collection may occur on a day that is different from your regular collection day. For more information visit

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