City Attorney

About the City Attorney's Office

The Colonial Heights City Attorney’s office is responsible for providing professional and timely legal representation and advice to the Mayor and City Council, City Manager, city departments, employees, various boards and commissions, and the School Board.

City Attorney Position

The City Attorney is an appointed position, serving for an indefinite term and at the will of the City Council. By City Charter, the City Attorney is the duly authorized legal adviser to the council, City Manager, Colonial Heights School Board, and other agencies of the city.


The City Attorney performs various routine duties:
  • Provides opinions of any question of law
  • Prepares and / or examines any ordinance and resolution contemplated for consideration or adoption by the City Council
  • Prepares or approves all bonds, deeds, leases, contracts, or other legal instruments considered by the City Council or School Board
  • Institutes all proceedings deemed necessary or proper to protect the interest of the city and / or school district
  • Attends City Council, Economic Development Authority, Planning Commission, and School Board meetings.

Other Responsibilities

Other substantive areas involving the City Attorney's Office time and resources include representing the city and its agencies in:
  • Contract disputes
  • Environmental law
  • Litigation
  • Municipal finance and taxation
  • Personnel disputes
  • Purchasing
  • Real Estate Matters
  • Responding to Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Risk management
  • Zoning and land use matters
The City Attorney also supervises work performed by outside legal counsel and updates the Colonial Heights City Code on a periodic basis.

Legal Advice & Prosecution

The Office of the City Attorney cannot provide legal advice to citizens in private matters, nor is the office permitted to make referrals to citizens for private attorneys. This office does not typically prosecute violations of state law or local ordinances, such prosecutions are handled by the Office of Commonwealth's Attorney.