Active Parenting of Teens

Active Parenting of Teens is a program for parents of teens and tweens that will give parents guidance and support to turn challenges of raising teenagers into opportunities for growth. The program offers methods of respectful discipline, skills for clear and honest communication, concrete strategies to prevent risky behaviors, and ways to be an encouraging parent.

Service Learning/Supervised Community Service

This program offers supervised community service to juveniles who are assigned community service hours by Juvenile Intake or by a Juvenile Judge.

Shoplifting Diversion

Shoplifting Diversion is a court ordered program designed to educate juveniles and parents about shoplifting, the laws, and the impact of shoplifting on the community. Attendees hear presentations from a Juvenile Judge, Commonwealth's Attorney, Loss Prevention Specialist, and Juvenile Court Service Officer. 

Teen Life Skills

Teen Life Skills is a program that combines life skills and pro-social skills on various topics which include attitude, responsibility, communication, decision making and problem solving, and workforce development. The program is designed for low to moderate risk and high risk teens.