The Boulevard Commercial Corridor

Boulevard Corridor Sign


The City has been actively involved in recent years facilitating development along the Boulevard. The City's focus on this corridor is to encourage redevelopment by utilizing programs that enhance facade improvement, redesign of existing structures, landscape and streetscape improvements and parcel consolidation. Many of these projects have already been implemented, some are currently underway, and many are being initiated through public-private partnerships.

Strong & Unique Business Environment

The corridor district has a long history of being a strong business environment for many locally owned and operated businesses with ties to the community. A key contributing factor is the active and supportive residential population that lives in the neighborhood areas surrounding its corridor.

The Boulevard provides a unique environment for businesses that seek a quality location with high traffic and community identity. Many redevelopment opportunities exist all along this commercial corridor. Because the Boulevard has easy accessibility to I-95, this City Corridor has great potential in continuing its growth and importance in the overall retail environment of the region. Both local and national chains contribute to the viability and energy along the Boulevard.

Boulevard Design Guidelines

The City will continue to support business expansion in this section of the City. Working with the City to spur improvements will assist in continued strong investment of this business district. The City embraces forward thinking development and encourages developers and existing property/business owners to utilize our Boulevard Guidelines to continue the growth the City has historically experienced. Please refer to City Code updated in 2012.